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Beautify your Patio with Bluu.

We are a brand focusing on the details of the courtyard. If you want to know more about us, come and listen to our story

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One-Umbrella One-Tree.

For every umbrella we sell, we donate a sapling to improve America’s forests. Explore the changes we’ve made to the environment over the years.

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What Our Customers Say

I love this beautiful umbrella! The design and quality is amazing. It has been windy in Illinois and this Umbrella withstand the wind. I love the option that you can bend it and it has UV protection.

Maricela / 3-Tier Maple

Very happy with the purchase. This is exactly what we expect to have. Nice color, perfect size to cover my patio and good quality. It just took several minutes to assemble. It is heavy and sturdy so you need a good stand to hold it. Recommend it.

QF / 2-Tier Maple

We LOVE this umbrella! It was super easy to assemble. The fabric is super lightweight and beautiful, making it work for any space. Love that it is easy to disassemble too for storage on stormy days. Works great and is incredible for the price!

Brittney G. / 2-Tier Maple

This one works really well if the angle of the sun is a problem. It feels very sturdy and it’s super easy to move around. The assembly was incredibly easy.
Also the purple color really worked out with my gray patio furniture.

Michele L. / Sequoia

Excellent Customer Service, they answered all my concerns and questions and went above and beyond to make this a wonderful buying experience. Also very timely responses, you will not feel ignored as a customer, excellent response time.

Tina C. / Sunbrella Maple

These lounge chairs have a nice wood grain look. They are very sturdy and comfortable with multiple adjustments on the back. They are a great addition to my patio and look forward to spending summer days relaxing in them.

Monty W. / Chaise Lounge


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